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The BequestI know, I know, I’ve been away for so long, you’ve forgotten all about me. Sorry about that–the damned day job. Don’t ask. It’s boring as hell, and anyway, I really don’t want my readers calling my RL boss to say, “But you have to let her write more books!” I would get into so much trouble, you have no idea.

That’s because no one, not even my best friend, knows I write these stories. And I really have to keep my identity secret now because I’ve moved the stories a little bit closer to home. Where the Aerie Doms were based in Denver, I’ve created a new cast of BDSM characters in Washington, DC.

(Sidebar: Don’t you think it’s just a matter of time before the TV show SCANDAL does a 50 Shades of Grey plotline? Let’s see: Olivia Pope is hired to defend the reputation of one of the new members of Congress, a lovely young woman whose found in a hotel room, tied to the bed with silk scarves. Turns out, her lover is her Congressional aide, a Dom with poor impulse control… Whew! I’d watch that episode.)

Okay, so I don’t have Olivia Pope in my new BDSM series. What I do have is a gorgeous, high-powered appellate lawyer named Mackenzie Lyon. As Mac puts it, he’s who you hire when it’s really important that you win your case before the Supreme Court. Mac Lyon is the Lawyer to the Doms. He’s been a member of The Club, a BDSM establishment with no private rooms–everyone is equally exposed. If anyone’s secret sex life is revealed, they’re all revealed, so no one ever tattles. Mac’s heart was broken last year when the sub he was attracted to died. (Or did she? Read the forthcoming The Appeal to find out!)

In The Bequest, Mac has to tell Sara Braverman that her Master has died…and left her to his nephew, Cal Raynes. Sara misses her Master, but when the nephew turns out to be tall and handsome, she’s persuaded to stay in the house. In fact, she’d happily be more than Cal’s new roommate except…he’s not a Dom.

As shocking as it is to inherit a fortune from an uncle he barely knew, it’s even harder for Cal to wrap his brain around the idea that he’s also inherited a lovely blonde sex slave. He’s horrified…until he meets Sara and learns she’s the chief financial officer of a well-respected charitable foundation. She’s hardly anyone’s image of a cowering, abused wreck. Still, she’s a sub…and he’s not a Dom.

Mac intervenes, helping Cal see the benefits to BDSM. As Cal and Sara’s desire for each other finds an outlet, they come to see how The Bequest enriches them both.

I hope you enjoy this BDSM romance. It’s different from the Aerie Doms, but then again, it isn’t. In all my stories, the characters discover something about themselves even as they’re having hot kinky sex AND falling in love.