Excerpt from The Frozen Heart

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The Frozen Heart is the second novella in my BDSM romance series The Aerie Doms. Here’s a longish excerpt (remember, it’s racy, so only 18+ years old readers, please!):

“Master K,” Jenna began in an oddly stilted voice. “I want to learn how to submit to you,” she finished in a rush.

Kai fell back against the cushions. His cock went rock hard even as his brain was processing what she’d said. Below the waist he was all “hell yeah,” but above the neck he was damned if he knew what was going on.

What was the correct way to say yes? It took him a moment to realize they just had to start from scratch. He forced his muscles to relax and let his eyelids droop a little.

“Is your safe word still ‘August’?” he asked.

She nodded.

“Do you have any hard limits?”

Jenna blinked at him. “I probably shouldn’t, you know, experience too much pain.”

Kai could have kicked himself for not having seen that coming. “Very well. I want you to stand and strip.”

She hesitated for a moment, which frankly reassured him. Her body didn’t have that robotic quality it’d had the first time.

She stood and took off her clothes. Her perfect skin stunned him all over again. He had no gripe about ink, but she was like virgin snow, unmarked and unexplored. She had pretty breasts and a fantastic ass. But it was her back that drew his gaze over and over. He wanted to turn it a delicate shade of red, maybe with a flogger.

“Are you willing to role-play?” Kai asked.

She sucked in her lower lip, looking at the floor. “I’m willing to try,” she said finally.

He nodded at the elaborately-carved and decorated armoire in the corner. “In there are some costumes. Find one that will fit you and put it on.” He watched her shift the hangers over, one by one. The costumes got dry-cleaned after every scene, so they were still in their plastic shrouds, but the hangers had the sizes on them. Finally, she pulled a hanger off the rod and turned back to face him.

Jenna had gotten a little slave girl outfit. She giggled as she fitted the jeweled girdle around her hips. Chiffon fell down her thighs and gathered around her ankles, held in place with elastic. When she moved, the fabric flowed this way and that, giving Kai a glimpse of her sex one moment, her ass the next.

He was already painfully hard when she slipped on the matching jewel-encrusted bra, which barely cupped her breasts and didn’t cover much of her nipples.

By this time, he’d unfastened his leather trousers. It was either that or fear that the slightest move would be enough to make him come like he was sixteen again. When Jenna approached him, her eyes went straight to his erection, which he’d pulled free of the unbuttoned fly.

Jenna licked her lips.

He reached for a condom from the colorful Moroccan bowl next to his shoulder. He unrolled it down his cock. This would take no time at all, but Kai didn’t see how he could even concentrate on her while his dick felt it was going to explode like the fucking Hindenburg.

“Slave girl,” he commanded in a sonorous tone. It sounded odd, like he was imitating Damien’s Dom voice, like he’d never done this before.

Her eyes got huge.

“Approach me.” How could such corny lines be so erotic?

Jenna knelt in front of him, waiting cautiously.

He’d thought he’d have her suck him off, but he didn’t want to break their eye contact. “Give me your hand,” he instructed, holding his out to her.

He licked her palm slowly, tasting the softness, then sucking on each finger wetly. His tongue massaged each finger tip in turn. When he was confident her hand was well-lubed, he clasped her fingers around his cock, showing her how hard to squeeze, the little twist at the top that he liked. It felt fantastic, having her fingers on him. And gradually, as her confidence grew, she got better at it and started to smile a little. He could get lost in her mysterious forest eyes.

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