Excerpt from The Secret Heart

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The Secret Heart is the third novella in my BDSM romance series The Aerie Doms. Here’s an excerpt for you:

Xavier leaned back on the sofa. “Kneel.”

She dropped gracefully to her knees, quite a feat considering how high the stilettos were. She spread her legs, which would have been sexier if not for the panties.

“The panties have to go.”

“Yes, Sir.”

She stood, stripped them off, knelt back down and presented the panties to him.

“Very pretty, sub.”

“Thank you, Sir.” She put her hands behind her back, which presented her breasts to him. Her head was up but her eyes properly cast down at Xavier’s feet.

He pocketed the panties.

“Knees wider.”

She spread her legs apart.

“Touch yourself.”

She used her left hand to part the lips of her sex. She was shiny wet. He could see the tip of her clit, already engorged. She used the middle two fingers of her right hand to stroke very lightly on the clit hood.

“Feels good?” he asked.

Angela’s breathing was causing her breasts to rise and fall dramatically but her voice was steady. “Yes, Sir. It feels wonderful.”

“Pull out those nipples.”

She reached in with her left hand and lifted each breast out of the black bra.

“Make them hard,” he commanded. He palmed his cock just enough to keep pace with the scene but not so much that he climaxed. It was tough, though. Watching Angela touch herself was nearly enough to get the job done.

“Where are the nipple clamps, sub?” Xavier was pretty sure they were in his pocket. Interesting to see if she knew.

She glanced up in surprise. “I don’t know for sure, but I think they may still be out. I don’t think you put them away, Sir.”

“Find them.”

Angela licked her lips carefully as she considered him. Xavier wouldn’t let himself smile, although that was also a close thing.

“Sir, do I have your permission to check your pockets?”

He nodded.

She inched forward on her knees until she was nestled in the vee of his legs. He didn’t lean toward her so she had to press against his cock just to reach his trouser pockets. Xavier struggled not to yank her up against him. He was dying to suck on those nipples, but that had to come later.

She’d located the clamps but in order to pull them out, she had to lean all the way up on his torso, her face alongside his. Exquisite perfume she had, even this late at night.

Finally she was able to pull back and present the clamps to him.

Xavier loved clamping a sub’s tits. All his favorite aspects of BDSM in one action: causing the sub erotic pain, reminding her that he controlled her erogenous zones, and playing with a woman’s breasts. His inner adolescent never got tired of that.

Read now: Amazon | B & N | Apple | Smashwords