All the Aerie Doms are Happy!

The Secret Heart comes out this week. The nature of independent book publishing is such that there’s no “release date,” just a series of “Oh, look, it’s up on Amazon!” and “Oh, look, you can buy it for your Nook!” So keep watching this space; all the links should be active by late July 2012. (Anyway, if you’re just finding me, you’ll want to start with The Locked Heart, the first of The Aerie Doms series.)

But for me, the end is here. Xavier Greer is in love! The three Doms I imagined eight months ago are all happily-ever-aftered. I’m working on a short story (Roman and Juliet) that my publishers, Harmony Road Press, can give away free to my existing fans (Thanks, Fans!!) and also to entice new readers.

And I keep thinking I should write up The Aerie Holiday Revels as a Christmas-themed short story. Can’t you picture Darby as an elf? Okay, so maybe I’m not completely done with The Aerie. But I’ve used up all my Doms, and I didn’t add any more. (“Master Ralph” doesn’t count!)

I freely admit that The Aerie is not a realistic BDSM club. There’s virtually no one in here, there aren’t enough Dungeon Monitors, it’s a bit too shadowy and…well, it’s imaginary. What I didn’t do is keep adding more Doms, in the brilliant way Cherise Sinclair does in her Club Shadowlands series. I love that about her books: she might leave to play with some kitty cat Doms in another part of the country, or go camping in a BDSM-themed resort up in the mountains, but faithful readers know there will be some new Doms at Club Shadowlands soon enough.

By contrast, The Aerie looks like a posh country club with some sexy costumes and anemic enrollment!

That’s okay. I can always go back to visit. And in the meantime, I’m moving to Washington, DC, where I’ve imagined Mackenzie Talbot, a very high-powered lawyer who–when he’s not arguing cases before the Supreme Court!–volunteers his expertise to help Doms with their legal affairs. I’m calling this new series, Lawyer to the Doms. Write what you know, right?

Mac’s first challenge: notify a vanilla writer that a deceased uncle 1) was a Dom and 2) left the nephew his live-in slave. When the nephew meets this woman, he’s surprised to find a CFO from a Fortune 500 company. So how did she get to be his uncle’s full-time sub and what’s he supposed to do with this most-unusual bequest? Look for Lawyer to the Doms, Book 1, later this year.


All the Aerie Doms are Happy! — 13 Comments

  1. Christina, I just finished Roman and Juliet and loved it. I’m now going to buy the other three after reading the first chapters of each from the end of Roman and Juliet.

    • Kathy — What a lovely comment. Thanks so much for coming here and telling me! I hope you enjoy The Aerie Doms!

  2. Christina,
    I’ve enjoyed all of your books thus far. They are absolutely wonderful 😉 Will there be anymore in the Aerie Doms stories? Possibly a “catch up” with them? I constantly check BN to see if you have any new releases. Thank you for being such a wonderful author! 🙂 Happy Holidays!

    • Hi, Breanna — How nice of you to say that about the Aerie Doms. Yes, I definitely want to catch up with them. In fact, I thought I’d be able to do a shorter story that showed the Christmas Revels event at The Aerie that everyone keeps talking about, but my stupid day job has sucked up all my writing time. So frustrating. I’ll try extra hard to get back to Denver for Christmas 2013, I promise!

      Next year, I’ll be working on a new series called Lawyer to the Doms, all about a super-smart guy named Mac who helps his fellow Doms with legal issues of a sort one wouldn’t want to take to one’s regular lawyer, if you see what I mean. In the first story, tentatively entitled The Bequest, Mac contacts a composer to tell him that his uncle left him a sizable estate…and a live-in submissive. The trouble is, the composer isn’t in the lifestyle. Yet. I think you’ll like Mac (I do!!), particularly in the third story, where a woman he thought he’d never see again comes back from Witness Protection. Now what’s Mac to do?

      Thanks again, Breanna, for being such a happy fan! Have a wonderful holiday season and I hope 2013 brings you good books and even better real life stories!


    • Hi, Tana — I have a new series in mind called “Lawyer to the Doms” about a high-powered lawyer–the kind of guy you hire if your case needs to be argued before the Supreme Court–who’s a Dom. Only, the love of his life has left, so Mac helps other people in the lifestyle work out their legal (and quasi-legal) problems. (Of course, Mac’s kinky love story comes last.)

      In the first book, The Bequest, one of Mac’s clients dies and “leaves” his sub to a man not in the lifestyle. The sub and the heir have to figure out what’s the best way to sort everything out…while living together!

      I’m very excited about these stories, but I need time to write them, and just at the moment, time is something I don’t have enough of. I expect February to be better for writing (I make it sound like a cheesy astrology report, don’t I?) and hope that Harmony Road Press can start The Lawyer to the Doms series later this spring.

      Thanks for writing!


  3. I know you probably can’t answer this question here, maybe email???

    I started with Roman and Juliet. Went to Kai and Jenna. Finally Damien and Darby.

    I have loved the character of Xavier from the beginning. Here’s my quandry: I am extremely turned off/put off by male subs. I’m not even for switching. I know others are into that and I make no judgements. But for me, it would break my heart of X became the sub in the relationship – even in his office or in private. I was set to buy it and I read the last few sentences in the preview at the back of Roman and Juliet and it actually gave me tummy ache. And not in a good way. It was like opening the beautiful present only to find old socks.

    Can you tell me if X becomes a sub? If he does, then I don’t want to read the book. I’m already so dissapointed I read the preview. Now he’s changed for me. He’s a wimp, not the strong Dom I want him to be.

    • Tami — Oh, I’m sorry you had that bad experience. I know (as a reader) how painful that can be. And unfortunately, I can’t 100% reassure you. Xavier is never a sub, never feels what a sub feels. But he submits because his attraction to Angela is so strong, he’ll take her as he finds her. It doesn’t work out that way–her feelings get in the way of her topping him. In the end, he’s X. He’s smart and creative and powerful and he gets it right. There’s a scene at the very end (no spoilers, I promise) where he and Angela are sitting side-by-side at The Aerie while Damien sits with Darby at his feet. That’s how I see them: Damien and Darby are definitely Dom and sub. With Xavier, he wanted something different. I think the way I’d characterize it: he’s met his match, and he’s very happy about that. He’s no sub, but he didn’t really want the same sort of relationship he had with Penny. For Xavier (and only for Xavier) that would have been a bit lonely this time around.

      Here’s the challenge: If letting another person give you pleasure is being weak, why isn’t Darby weak? Or Jenna? Because I don’t see them as weak. I see them as strong enough to submit.

      At the same time, I get what you’re saying (I don’t like Domme/male sub relationships either–too much cringing!). To answer your question, no, X never submits to Angela. (I’d argue that he doesn’t in his office–he wants her, so he has her…on her terms. Now that’s strength, at least I think so.) They negotiate a relationship that works for them.

  4. I positively inhaled all four of these books. I was disappointed that you are done with the Aerie. I also agree that you do seem to be short a few members. I will wait with excitement for the new series. I really enjoyed all the characters, but Damien was my favorite. You certainly gave me a great airport fantasy to re-read next time I am stuck waiting at the airport. Thanks for all of the fun I have had so far.

    • Marti — What a nice compliment! I think about going back to The Aerie, but it’s a funny thing. As much as I love all those people, if I walk through the rooms, I don’t meet members whose stories I need to tell. Don’t tell Xavier, but I’ve moved–in my mind at least!–to D.C. where I’m learning about a very top secret BDSM club (think: lawyers, lobbyists & politicians–lots of people who don’t want you to know what they do after hours!) and some of its slightly saner members.

      Still, never say never…and I have thought for a while it would be cool to go to The Aerie’s highly anticipated Holiday Revels! Who knows, maybe we’ll get to read about that someday.

  5. I have read all of your books about The Aerie Doms. I was really just hoping you would write another to the series. I would really like to know if Damien and Darby have a baby, if Kia and Jenna get married and if X and Angela get the family they want. And what’s the next step for Roman and Juliet. Thanks

    • Hi, Omega — Thanks for enjoying the series. Like you, I love those short stories that catch people up with how everyone turns out. I really do *mean* to write up the Holiday Revels so we can get to see–well, all the things you mentioned! Maybe Christmas 2013…

      • Thanks so very, I can’t wait to read it. I’m loving reading your work and will have to start on the new series.